Glamping sets up camp in Walla Walla


Zibby Wilder, left, and Pamela Ottaviano Rhodes enjoy the comfortable kitchen in their new trailer for future rentals at 675 Lockheed Ave. in Walla Walla. Photo by Michael Lopez.

Some of the sweetest words for road warriors rolling into their vacation destinations.

At Chillville Walla Walla, which officially opened last week, it is the greeting at the gateway to glamping.

Those who make their way to the new spot on Lockheed Avenue arrive not only to respite but also to the latest twist on vacationing for those who want to be one with both nature and amenities.

Here glamour and camping intersect at the least likely of places: the Walla Walla Regional Airport Industrial Park. A cluster of campers — ranging from a 22-foot 2012 Airstream Bambi to a 10-foot Kit made in 1949 and still in its original condition — and more to come.