Walla Walla Regional Airport to get $160,000 Security Fix

Arriving passengers will be unable to return to the runway ramp once they’re inside the terminal.


WALLA WALLA — Passengers entering the Walla Walla Regional Airport from the runway ramp will only get a one-way trip into the terminal building under a new project in the works.

One of the two automated doors that currently allows travelers in and out of the terminal from the ramp will be replaced with a one-way turnstile door slated for construction this summer, airport Manager Jennifer Skoglund said.

The project is to meet changing Transportation Security Administration regulations to prevent people from entering the ramp from an unsecured area. At airports around the country, the agency has identified issues with exits and passengers backtracking onto the ramp, Skoglund said.


Published by the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin
April 14, 2014