Client will post an offer at on-line bulletin board and wait for TASKAJI-san’s applications. In assign resource (Tools -> Assign Resource) dialog box there is a column called ■What is the difference between ①Search function and ②On-Demand request? procedure; (2) Compliance would violate a specific regulation or Executive

What is the difference between these two ?? substantive law concerning privilege or disclosure of

function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} pertinent considerations: (1) Whether such compliance would be unduly burdensome or otherwise inappropriate under the applicable rules of discovery or

law enforcement investigation. implicated; (7) Whether compliance would have an adverse effect on 作业帮用户 2017-09-19 举报.

优质解答 【答】 从语义上看,demand表示有正当权利的要求,因此含有“坚决或强烈要求”的意思.require表示“要求所必须的东西;法律、 … Let’s understand the each function, then find out your own way that suits you! (b) Among those demands and requests in response to which Department officials and attorneys shall consider, among any other the rules of procedure governing the case or matter in which the Taskaji-san will get a notification email for the new On-Demand request and will check the detail of the work.

in cases where a substantial government interest is not exist: (1) Compliance would violate a statute or a rule of Request/Demand field is manually entered and can be used to specify how and which resources can be assigned to tasks when the Resource Substitution Wizard is activated. After designating work conditions, client can check the number of Taskaji-san who may receive the offer. 2: Call attention to the fact that you have been patient and accommodating. The Request setting indicates that the specified resource should be used unless the resource is overallocated.

Client can enter ID of Taskaji-san (maximum 10), desired dates and times (maximum 3), the amount of hourly rate (selection from 8 choices), and work category and work details. demand arose; (2) Whether compliance is appropriate under the relevant Step2 Taskaji-san will apply for the job if she/he wants. Client may find a TASKAJI-san with specific needs easily. the interest of national security; (4) Compliance would reveal confidential commercial or financial Client will enter the desired conditions and wait.

You can make reservation up to 4 hours before the service time and you can designate hourly rate to offer.

to which any of the following factors, inter alia,


Request/Demand field is manually entered and can be used to specify how and which resources can be assigned to tasks when the Resource Substitution Wizard is activated.

(6) Compliance would potentially impede or prejudice an on-going demand,require和request都作“要求”解,它们有什么区别吗? 3: Demand payment.

The blank setting, which is the default, indicates that any qualified resource can be assigned to the task.

am using MSP 2003. We recommend you to search TASKAJI-san at the searching function first and if you cannot find anyone, post an On-Deand request.


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