Base Metrics for qualities intrinsic to a vulnerability, Temporal Metrics for characteristics that evolve over the lifetime of vulnerability, Environmental Metrics for vulnerabilities that depend on a particular implementation or environment, This page was last edited on 30 August 2020, at 07:19. Rumored vulnerability. Not functional against all instances of the vulnerability. 1.5 The Environmental metrics of CVSSv2 were completely removed and replaced with essentially a second Base score, known as the Modified vector. Three further metrics assess the specific security requirements for confidentiality (CR), integrity (IR) and availability (AR), allowing the environmental score to be fine-tuned according to the users' environment. A new standard method of extending CVSS, called the CVSS Extensions Framework, was also defined, allowing a scoring provider to include additional metrics and metric groups while retaining the official Base, Temporal, and Environmental Metrics. 1 [46][47] 12 were displayed at the 2009 military parade in Beijing commemorating the 60th anniversary of the PRC's founding. × The Dong-Feng 15 (a.k.a.

RemediationLevel It is launched from a 10×10 wheeled TEL similar to that of the DF-21, but instead of a "cold launch" missile storage tube it uses a new protective "shell" to cover the missile.

, The authentication (Au) metric describes the number of times that an attacker must authenticate to a target to exploit it. AvailImpact The 2,500 km DF-3 was originally designed with 2,000 kg payload to carry an atomic (later thermonuclear) payload. All Bullpup-wielding CT bots in Tour of Duty use the ST6 model. Updates to the CVSS version 3.1 specification include clarification of the definitions and explanation of existing base metrics such as Attack Vector, Privileges Required, Scope, and Security Requirements.

Modification of some data or system files is possible, but the scope of the modification is limited. The report confidence (RC) of a vulnerability measures the level of confidence in the existence of the vulnerability and also the credibility of the technical details of the vulnerability. Several vendors and organizations expressed dissatisfaction with CVSSv2. Its payload is believed to be 600 kg (1,300 lb) with a range of 900 km (560 mi) and improved accuracy of 30–45 m CEP. The Dong-Feng 15 (a.k.a. AvailImpact Textual severity ratings of None (0), Low (0.1-3.9), Medium (4.0-6.9), High (7.0-8.9), and Critical (9.0-10.0) were defined, similar to the categories NVD defined for CVSS v2 that were not part of that standard . The goal of CVSS version 3.1 was to clarify and improve upon the existing CVSS version 3.0 standard without introducing new metrics or metric values, allowing for frictionless adoption of the new standard by both scoring providers and scoring consumers alike.
デザインテンプレートが豊富で、カスタマイズも自由自在。ゲーム攻略・まとめサイト作成に便利な国内最大級のWikiサービス。, ようとん場MIXのwikiです!新作「ようとん場3D」にも活用できますが、特に明記されていない場合MIXの情報です。※ネタばれ注意, JAPAN Studio × FROM SOFTWARE の作った新作アクションゲームの − If it is launched from the most eastern parts of Manchuria, it can cover all of the mainland of the United States. The DF-21 also served as the basis for the submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) JL-1 (CSS-N-3),[39] used on the Xia-class SSBN. While many utilize only the CVSS Base score for determining severity, temporal and environmental scores also exist, to factor in availability of mitigations and how widespread vulnerable systems are within an organization, respectively.

In this case I am assuming that some personal banking information is available, therefore there is a significant reputational impact on the bank. 比起hover更加酷炫的一套 悬浮效果库。 源链接地址:iHover.css @Github(有效果预览) 代码库地址:github代码库; huiji开启方法:任意位置输入 class命名规则:ihover使用的是样式组合的方法,具体请参见源链接地址上的代码效果和说明。 纯css背景图案 There are no special conditions for exploiting the vulnerability, such as when the system is available to large numbers of users, or the vulnerable configuration is ubiquitous. These three metrics are used in conjunction with the base score that has already been calculated to produce the temporal score for the vulnerability with its associated vector. It is hailed as the world's first anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) system, capable of targeting a moving carrier strike group from long-range, land-based mobile launchers. ( = It is capable of ranges between 50–800 km (31–497 mi) with greater accuracy of 5–10 m CEP. There is total loss of integrity; the attacker can modify any files or information on the target system.

In Condition Zero, they wear black goggles on their helmets, and wear orange goggles over their eyes in Source. × 1 If the aforementioned vulnerable web server were used by a bank to provide online banking services, and a temporary fix was available from the vendor, then the environmental score could be assessed as: This would give an environmental score of 8.2, and an environmental vector of CDP:MH/TD:H/CR:H/IR:H/AR:L. This score is within the range 7.0-10.0, and therefore constitutes a critical vulnerability in the context of the affected bank's business. [12] The range of the M-11 does not violate the limits set by the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR). 0.6 = {\displaystyle f({\textsf {Impact}})={\begin{cases}0,&{\text{if }}{\textsf {Impact}}{\text{ = 0}}\\1.176,&{\text{otherwise }}\end{cases}}}, BaseScore If the vendor then confirms the vulnerability, the score rises to 8.1, with a temporal vector of E:P/RL:U/RC:C. A temporary fix from the vendor would reduce the score back to 7.3 (E:P/RL:T/RC:C), while an official fix would reduce it further to 7.0 (E:P/RL:O/RC:C). {

{\displaystyle {\textsf {BaseScore}}={\textsf {roundTo1Decimal}}(((0.6\times {\textsf {Impact}})+(0.4\times {\textsf {Exploitability}})-1.5)\times f({\textsf {Impact}}))}. This was changed in Beta 7.0. Seesaa Wikiの便利な使い方をお知らせします。. Action Area 6: Supporting positive staff experience . Sama halnya styles dalam aplikasi pengolahan kata seperti Microsoft Word yang dapat mengatur beberapa style, misalnya heading, subbab, bodytext, footer, images, dan style lainnya untuk dapat digunakan bersama … ST-6 was placed on permanent alert to respond to terrorist attacks against American targets worldwide.
The CVSS assessment measures three areas of concern: A numerical score is generated for each of these metric groups.


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